About Me (Detailed)

Okay, about me. Well, for starters, I should let you know I'm not particularly skilled at this--but I'll try my best anyways. 

I'm many things:
1. A daughter.
2. A sister.
3. A friend.
4. A confidante.
5. A writer  

My interests:
I have an obsession with pens; I have a stack on my desk. I'm eyeing it right now. I really like pens. And notebooks. I have stacks of that, too. Okay, okay ... I also like writing (given) and reading (given, too). I love history, philosophy, languages, traveling, and all sorts of random information. The list goes on because, put simply, there're just a lot of things to discover and consequently grow to love. 
I do hate math, though...

Five things about me:
1. When told a joke, I'd likely be the last one still laughing, even if everyone is eyeing me weirdly.
2. I love music, so much so that it's a permanent part of my life--and an extensive one at that.
3. I have a random hour. It comes late at night, but also occurs when long periods of silence drag out. It's pretty much the perfect time for my head to empty out the random stored from the whole day.
4. I'm a procrastinator, but when I get things done, I get them done
5. Apparently, I like lists. 

I honestly don't know what would become of this blog, but I just hope it would make at least one person laugh, smile or just ... I dunno, like it? 

P.S. The blog is still technically a work-in-progress, so some pages are not yet properly set up.