Jul 10, 2016

Frederic - A Unique Japanese Sound

Frederic (フレデリック) makes the type of music I would recommend to people who are genuine music lovers. They're so interesting and unique that it's hard for me to label them with a single genre--though Japanese Rock seems to be the general umbrella.

Personally, I'd go with "Indie (pop-ish?) with funk-like rock"--or simply: just good music.

Originally from Kobe, Frederic is a three-member band that has been creating music since 2009. And as a developing band, you can definitely hear their progression--which I'm personally looking forward to tracking. With two members being brothers--Kenji Mihara (Vocals, Guitar) and Koji Mihara (Bass, Vocals)--and the third, Ryuji Akagashira, playing the guitar, the band gives off a close-knit vibe.

Their hit single, "Only Wonder" is such a cheerful tune that it instantly uplifts the mood. And its music video, featuring a choreographed cheer by a class of schoolgirls, is equally adorable--if not motivating.

More than that, they're simply a clever band. Their most recent album, Ototune, is a clever play on words, with the character ("Oto") meaning "sound," and the word "tune"-- vaguely sounding like "autotune." Each track has its own catchy tune--set apart by distinct vocals and different themes. And this happens across all their other albums--including "Oddloop" and "Owarase Night." Like the title tracks of each album--which are equally great--the songs "Ai no Meiwaku" ("Nuisance of Love" from "Owarase Night") & "Jyarimichi" ("Gravel Road" from "Oddloop") have a unique style that just make them classic "Frederic songs." Lyrics either carry weight instead of the usual fluff or create strong images. For a better taste of their Indie-style songs, their album "Uchuu ni Muchuu" ("Fog in the Universe") does not disappoint.

Even without understanding all the words, it's very easy to get lost in their songs. Which is a good thing... usually.